Track One houses over 20 local businesses and galleries. Please contact to inquire about availability.

In mid 2018, we will have 5 new spaces available on the top floor. These spaces share a 6830 SF common area. There will be 2 staircases, 2 loading docks, a brand new passenger elevator, a showpiece non-operational freight elevator from the 1920s, and 3 street entrances. Learn more about our renovations in this Nashville Post article.

Here are the approximate square footages:

  1. 2570 SF
  2. 3646 SF
  3. 5226 SF
  4. 4648 SF
  5. 3278 SF

We will also have one 2800 SF office located beside the Track One Garage and one 740 SF space located inside 1215 4th Avenue South.